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Grandtan II 2024

Grandtan II 2024

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Meet our best-selling electric trike. The Grandtan II (2024 edition)

Featuring a 750W Rear Motor with Front Suspension and a rear differential, parking assist, offroad tires, extended riding range, rear mounted motor and upto 85 miles of range at 20 mph, turn signals, head lights, brake lights and so much more! This electric trike is the perfect vehicle for getting around any terrain with ease. 

Rear Mounted Motor
40-85 Miles
Extended Riding Range
UL-2271 Battery
UL Standard for Safety
Payload Capacity

EB 2.0 Battery w/ Samsung Cells

20 MPH
Maximum Default Speed

Pedal Assist Mode

½ Half Twist
Throttle Control Mode

7 Gears
Easier Climbs & Speeds

4-Inch Fat Tires
More Stable & Balance

This is why the 2024 version is so much better than the 2023 version:

Upgraded 750W Rear Motor

The rear-mounted motor makes the Grandtan much more stable and helps maintain a better balanced ride when climbing hills

Max Motor Torque: 90 Nm

Peak Motor Watts: 1,400W


Rear Differential: Turn Better

The differential allows the rear wheels to adjust to different speeds and terrains, helping you reduce slippage and hopping on turns. Grandtan better ensures you smooth and safe trike riding.


EB 2.0 Samsung Cell Battery

World’s first 48V*20Ah UL Recognized battery built w/ Samsung latest 50E 21700 cells. It offers a stable 30A output current capability and IPX6 water resistance to withstand heavy rain and showers for your safety.

No Roll, No Slip

The new parking brake system can lock the wheels in place when activated. So you can stop or park anywhere with confidence.

Strong Trailer Tube for Extra Cargo

2024 Grandtan has an enhanced tube for effortless attachment of a trailer, significantly increasing the trike's cargo capacity. Just connect the trailer to the tube, and you're ready to carry larger loads with ease.

EB 2.0 Versatile Taillight

Grandtan trike has a 5-in-1 tail light, giving signals for driving mode, danger, flashing, braking, and turning directions. The braking signal lights up automatically when you use the brakes.

Smooth, Responsive Pedaling

With the mid-axis torque sensor, the Grandtan can better match your pedaling effort, boosting your efficiency and comfort for a more natural and responsive ride.

Mechanical Disc Brake With Motor Cutoff Sensor

Full-wheel Tektro mechanical disc brake
system with an automatic motor cutoff
sensor allows you to slow or stop quickly.

180mm F / 2*180mm Rear Brake Rotors


Grandtan Trike for riders: 5'2"-6 '4"

Max load capacity is 450 lbs.

1. Total Length 77"

2. Total Width 33.5"

3. Wheelbase 49"

4. Maximum handlebar Height 48"

5. Minimum handlebar Height 43"

6. Standover Height 17.5"

7. Seat Tube 19"

8. Minimum Seat Height 32.5"

9. Maximum Seat Height 39"

10. Reach 13"

11. Rear Basket 48L, 20.5" x 16" x 9.5"

12. Battery 9.5LBS/4.3KG

13. Bike Weight 118LBS/53.5KG

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